People who have contributed to apfloat

Mikko Tommila, the main author of the program.

Jörg Arndt, author of the heavily inspiring hfloat program, gave me many good ideas.

Chris Hauser, created PPC G4 and G5 versions for Mac OS X.

Stefano Gragnani, ported apfloat (currently only v. 2.31) to Macintosh CodeWarrior platform.

Stefan Spännare, idea for a base conversion program, which is yet to be officially implemented.

David M. Einstein, idea for the tapfloat class.

Jo Yeong Uk, improved the Mersenne number factoring algorithm.

Bernd Kellner, improved the integer power algorithm. Check out his large Bernoulli numbers page.

Christoph Haenel, Alexis Wilke, "mason", Tom Dowling, Gonzalo Travieso, Geert-Jan Giezeman, Carey E. Bloodworth, Zo Obradovic, Alan Pittman, Dean Allen Provins, Rob Clark, Douglas W. Sauder, Paul Leyland, Yuri Sorkin, Andrew A. Zhezherun, Frank Koster, Mario Deilmann, Dara Hazeghi, Adam Pawlowski, Eugenio Cesario, David Clark, found various bugs in apfloat.

If you have additions or corrections, or would like your name removed from the above list please contact the author.

Last updated: April 24th, 2006

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