Package org.apfloat

Class ApfloatRuntimeException

All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
ApfloatConfigurationException, ApfloatInternalException, ApfloatInterruptedException, NumericComputationException

public class ApfloatRuntimeException extends RuntimeException
Exception indicating some unexpected error situation. This exception can be thrown in different situations, for example:
  • The result of an operation would have infinite size. For example, new Apfloat(2).divide(new Apfloat(3)), in radix 10.
  • Overflow. If the exponent is too large to fit in a long, the situation can't be handled. Also, there is no "infinity" apfloat value that could be returned as the result.
  • Total loss of precision. For example, ApfloatMath.sin(new Apfloat(1e100)). If the magnitude (100) is far greater than the precision (1) then the value of the sin() function can't be determined to any accuracy.
  • Some other internal limitation.
Mikko Tommila
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