Class Scramble

  • public class Scramble
    extends Object
    Functions to perform bit-reverse ordering of data.
    Mikko Tommila
    • Method Detail

      • permute

        public static int permute​(int n,
                                  int length)
        Permute the bits of a number to reverse order.

        For example, if n is 5 and the transform length is 256, the permutation is (in binary)

        00000101 → 10100000

        n - The number whose bits to reverse.
        length - The FFT transform length for which the bit reversal to perform.
        The bits of n reversed.
      • createScrambleTable

        public static int[] createScrambleTable​(int length)
        Create a table of indexes for scrambling an array for FFT.

        The returned table contains pairs of indexes that should be swapped to scramble an array. For example, for transform length 8 the returned table contains { 1, 4, 3, 6 } to indicate that the array elements [1] and [4] should be swapped, and the elements [3] and [6] should be swapped.

        length - The FFT transform length for which the scrambling table is created.
        An array of pairs of indexes that indicate, which array elements should be swapped to scramble the array.