Class PiParallelAWT

    • Constructor Detail

      • PiParallelAWT

        public PiParallelAWT​(PiAWT.StatusIndicator statusIndicator)
        Construct a panel with graphical elements.
        statusIndicator - Handler for showing error messages in the application.
    • Method Detail

      • initThreads

        protected void initThreads​(Container container,
                                   GridBagConstraints constraints)
        Description copied from class: PiAWT
        Initialize the "threads" section GUI elements. Elements should be added for the remainder of the width of the container.
        initThreads in class PiAWT
        container - The container where the elements are to be added.
        constraints - The constraints with which the elements are to be added to the container.
      • isInputValid

        protected boolean isInputValid()
        Description copied from class: PiAWT
        Validates the input fields.
        isInputValid in class PiAWT
        true if all input fields contain valid values, otherwise false.