Interface NTTStrategy

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractStepFNTStrategy, ColumnSixStepFNTStrategy, ColumnTwoPassFNTStrategy, DoubleTableFNTStrategy, Factor3NTTStrategy, FloatTableFNTStrategy, IntAparapiFactor3NTTStrategy, IntAparapiSixStepFNTStrategy, IntTableFNTStrategy, LongAparapiFactor3NTTStrategy, LongAparapiSixStepFNTStrategy, LongTableFNTStrategy, SixStepFNTStrategy, TwoPassFNTStrategy

public interface NTTStrategy
Number Theoretic Transform (NTT) strategy. An implementing class could be e.g.
  • Fast Number Theoretic Transform (FNT)
  • "Four-step" FNT
  • "Two-pass" mass storage FNT
  • Winograd Fourier Transform Algorithm (WFTA)

Note: an implementing transformation class is required only to be able to perform an inverse transform on data transformed by the same class, not by any other class.

Mikko Tommila