Interface ApfloatImpl

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    All Known Implementing Classes:
    DoubleApfloatImpl, FloatApfloatImpl, IntApfloatImpl, LongApfloatImpl

    public interface ApfloatImpl
    extends Serializable
    Interface for apfloat implementations. An ApfloatImpl implements all of the low-level functionality that is needed behind the high-level apfloat API.

    A class implementing ApfloatImpl is not required to accept any other ApfloatImpl class as the argument than the same implementing class.

    Mikko Tommila
    • Method Summary

      Modifier and Type Method Description
      ApfloatImpl absCeil()
      Returns this ApfloatImpl rounded away from zero.
      ApfloatImpl absFloor()
      Returns this ApfloatImpl rounded towards zero.
      ApfloatImpl addOrSubtract​(ApfloatImpl x, boolean subtract)
      Add or subtract an ApfloatImpl to this object.
      int compareTo​(ApfloatImpl x)
      Compare this ApfloatImpl and another number.
      ApfloatImpl divideShort​(ApfloatImpl x)
      Divide this ApfloatImpl by an ApfloatImpl that is "short".
      double doubleValue()
      Returns the value of the this number as a double.
      long equalDigits​(ApfloatImpl x)
      The number of equal digits in this ApfloatImpl and another number.
      ApfloatImpl frac()
      Returns the fractional part of this ApfloatImpl.
      int hashCode()
      Returns the hash code for this ApfloatImpl.
      boolean isOne()
      Tests if this number is equal to 1.
      boolean isShort()
      Returns if this ApfloatImpl is "short".
      long longValue()
      Returns the value of the this number as a long.
      ApfloatImpl multiply​(ApfloatImpl x)
      Multiply this object by an ApfloatImpl.
      ApfloatImpl negate()
      Returns this ApfloatImpl negated.
      long precision()
      Returns the precision of this ApfloatImpl.
      ApfloatImpl precision​(long precision)
      Returns this ApfloatImpl with the specified precision.
      int radix()
      Returns the radix of this ApfloatImpl.
      long scale()
      Returns the scale of this ApfloatImpl.
      int signum()
      Returns the signum of this ApfloatImpl.
      long size()
      Returns the size of the mantissa of this ApfloatImpl.
      String toString​(boolean pretty)
      Convert this ApfloatImpl to String.
      void writeTo​(Writer out, boolean pretty)
      Print this ApfloatImpl to a stream.